Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are a multifaceted label solution with limitless design possibilities that can be applied to nearly any surface.

A pressure sensitive label, sometimes referred to as a self-adhesive label, has adhesive on at least one side. These labels are applied with light pressure, making them an easy and straightforward label solution.

Pressure sensitive labels cover a wide variety of product applications because they can be printed with a diverse range of inks and materials, including papers, films, and foils. PS Labels can be removable or permanent, depending on your product needs.

Why Use Pressure Sensitive Labels?

An eye-catching label adds value to your product and attracts customers. Promotional and functional features can be built-in, making them an effective marketing tool to connect with customers and drive sales. Here are a few advantages:

  • Adds visual appeal to your product
  • Creates a recognizable brand
  • Makes a strong first impression with customers
  • Communicates key product information
  • Drives revenue

Where Can Pressure Sensitive Labels Be Used?

Pressure Sensitive Labels constitute more than 80 percent of all labels in today’s market. These labels can be applied to food and beverage products, consumer goods, chemical containers, industrial enclosures, pharmaceutical bottles, and so much more.

Our Capabilities

Finding the best pressure sensitive label for your product can sound complex, but with ATL’s knowledge and expertise with adhesives, materials, and printing methods, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily it all comes together. Our team of innovative problem solvers is committed to finding the best solutions to meet your order requirements.

  • Unlimited color combinations.
  • Custom graphics with vibrant clarity.
  • Printing on a wide range of substrates - papers, films, foil, and more.
  • A clear, beautiful, durable finish with gloss varnishes, laminates, or matte varnishes.
  • Metallic, Pantone, UV, and water-based inks.

Types of Pressure Sensitive Labels

Barcode Labels:

Barcode labels are highly versatile and can be used for data collection, product labeling, manufacturing, shipping, and so much more. Adhesive barcode labels can run traditionally or consecutively. Traditional, or static, barcodes print without sequential information. Consecutive, or variable, barcodes are printed with a different barcode on each label.

Extended Content Labels:

  • 2-Ply:
    2-ply labels are ideal for uniquely shaped bottles or areas with limited labeling. This label available in different shapes and sizes and is also suitable for various surfaces: flat, curved, cylindrical, etc. This label is commonly used as part of a product’s primary packaging and is an excellent solution for products that require a few pages of information. 2-ply labels are resealable and create up to four pages of extra space for additional information or designs.
  • Multi-Panel Labels:
    Multi-panel labels are an adhesive label on top of another adhesive label that can be connected on one side, allowing the other side to peel up and reveal additional labels underneath. This type of label allows for increased space for additional information without altering the initial footprint of the label. Multi-panel labels can be used for multiple language translations, nutrition information, regulatory information, additional product information, and company information.
  • Booklet Labels:
    Booklet labels provide your customers with critical product details such as product facts, directions or diagrams, rebates or warranties, and even multiple languages. Various configurations of extended content labels are available with resealable closures and wraparound constructions for flat and curved surfaces. A common use of booklets labels are for clinical trials, pharmaceutical products or  any label that needs extend content. 
  • Multi-Ply Labels:
    Multi-ply labels are sometimes referred to as extended booklet content labels. They are great for labels that require further text or explanation that would not fit on a standard label. These labels are great for keeping consumers informed without compromising the overall appearance, brand design, or logos of the product.

Coupons / Instant Redeemable Labels:

Coupon labels help draw attention to a product and give customers instant satisfaction with savings and offers that directly peel off the product. These highly effective labels improve store shelf appeal as they draw consumers to products. ATL is capable of printing on both the front and back of a removable coupon label, allowing for additional information, instructions, or anything that makes sense for your product.

Double-Sided Labels:

Double-sided labels are great for not only adding visual interest but also using all available space on your label. This technique adds depth and individuality to any see-through surface, such as glass bottles, plastic tubes, or windows. These labels are also great for adding product information that can be viewed by peeling away label's corner.

Foil Labels:

Custom foil labels add a shiny, metallic finish and give your brand a premium look. Foil labels are best suited for applications that encounter condensation, friction, or abrasion. This versatile attention grabber is great for promotional, health, beauty, food, and beverage products.

Island Placement/Flag Labels

When a label calls for material to be placed in a select location on a field of adhesive, it can be referred to as an "island placement." This process combines two materials and eliminates waste. Island labels can be applied to many different surfaces.

Medical Labels:

The medical device industry uses many labels and has high standards. Having accurate and legible labels is beneficial to healthcare facilities and their distributors. Medical device labels manufactured at our facility have a systematic review before production. Our Quality Management System is registered to ISO 13485:2016 and has successfully passed audits by some of the largest and most demanding medical and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Multi-Layer Labels:

A multi-layer label, sometimes called a peel-off label, has multiple printable surfaces. This type of label is used when there is lots of information to display. They are commonly used on pharmaceutical, chemical, household, and other consumer products. The peel-back surface label can be designed to reattach to the packaging and can be printed double-sided to maximize surface space.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Labels

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries require labels for both clinical trial and commercial applications. Our digital plate making system, advanced inspection software, and full in-house print capabilities meet the ever-increasing demands.

Piggyback Labels:

Piggyback labels are a multi-layer construction that features one self-adhesive label on top of another. The top label is removable and can be reapplied, while the bottom label is stationary. The top label can be smaller than the bottom label for fast and easy removal, or they can be the same size with or without tabs for removal. Labels can be used to reveal additional messaging for promotional purposes, product registrations, inventory marking, and more.

Commercial Product Labels:

Also known as prime labels or product identification labels, custom product labels can be produced fully finished or partially printed—allowing the addition of variable data. ATL uses material and adhesive combinations that will enable labels to withstand harsh environments, including weathering, UV exposure, cleaning agents, hydraulic fluids, and fuels.

Promotional Labels:

A strong promotional label can help distinguish a brand and grab the attention of your target audience. Most promotional labels have unique specifications to meet customer requirements. ATL can print flexographic or digital labels using a wide range of substrates and inks. Whether you’re running a targeted promotion, testing a new market, or preparing for an event, ATL is here to help.

Sandwich Labels:

Sandwich labels are printed on both the inside and the outside of the material. This type of label has artwork on the inside that can be seen from one side of a clear container. When the label is viewed from the other side, the image is covered with text or another image. As a custom sandwich label printer, ATL can print any color or design on a wide range of materials and substrates. 

Scratch-Off Labels

Scratch-off labels are widely used for promotions and are an interactive way to connect with consumers. Labels have multiple layers to create a variety of effects. ATL provides an expansive range of colors and sizes to help your label stand out amongst others.

Security Labels:

Tamperproof evident labels provide security and authentication for the product and brand. After applying a security label, it becomes impossible to remove cleanly, leaving behind adhesive or material that indicates clear intrusion. These labels are great for warranty and “VOID If Removed” labels, medical and pharmaceutical tracking, and safety instructions, to name a few. ATL specializes in custom security labels that are designed to break apart when removed. 

To protect against counterfeiting, ATL makes custom hologram security labels. By customizing the hologram image, your security label will be much more difficult to counterfeit.

Shrink Sleeve Labels:

Shrink sleeves allow you to brand a product from top to bottom, maximizing space for graphics and information. When placed around the product, the label conforms to the shape of the container and looks like it is part of the product. Shrink sleeves are great for refrigerated or high-moisture environments.

Static Cling Labels:

Static cling labels, also known as stickers, are printed on a type of vinyl that adheres to very smooth surfaces, such as glass, without adhesives. These labels are often used for promotional displays, automobile windows, and logos. They can be quickly removed without leaving adhesive residue.

Variable Print Labels:

Variable print labels have different content on every label. This type of label allows for mass customization. Whether it's serial numbered labels, food and beverage labels, or barcode tracking labels, ATL has the expertise to meet your needs.

UDI Labels (Unique Device Identifier):

Unique Device Identification (UDI) labels standardize and adequately identify medical devices through their distribution and use. A unique set of alphanumeric codes consisting of both Device Identifier (company and product code) and Production Identifier (specific manufacturing information) are printed on the label. UDI labels improve patient safety, modernize device post-market surveillance, and facilitate medical device innovation.

Warning / Safety / Regulatory Labels:

This type of label conveys a warning or safety-related message that pertains to a specific hazard to make people aware of a potentially dangerous product or high-risk environment. ATL prints full-color warning labels for many products and industries.

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