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ATL Corp Launches New Microfluidic Product for Medical Cell Sorting Device

June 22, 2023

ATL continuously strives to address the growing needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. With over 50 years of experience, ATL manufactures high quality disposal medical devices within ISO compliant clean rooms. 

In the world of microfluidic medical devices, it is critical to select materials that meet customers' product specifications, which can be quite a challenge for some manufacturers. ATL is one of the few converters in the United States that meets the strict guidelines to be recognized as an industry expert and 3M Perferred Converter. 


The Challenge

One of ATL's customers in the microfluidic industry has developed a revolutionary cell sorting device that allows cell sorting to be accessible to any lab professional. Compared to cell sorting equipment that has been around since the 1960's, their technology is a closed and sterile system which allows for a safe sorting environment. Their product was missing one piece of the puzzle, a microfluidic film adhesive to attach to the device. 


The Solution 

Not sure where to begin, our customer called ATL. As a trusted leader in the precision rotary die cutting industry, they knew very quickly they had come to the right source. With 3M's partnership, ATL was able to identify 3M 9795R as a solution for their product specifications. The material is a single sided clear delayed tack adhesive tape, consisting of a clear polypropylene film coated on one side and a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive on the other.  


Bringing the Product to Life

The microfluidic film need to be die cut into a complex geometry shape in order to fit precisely on the cell sorting device. Because of the unique shape, ATL engineered the die layout to nest the parts, resulting in high yield rate and minimal raw material waste to manage overall costs. 

ATL uses high speed, precision rotary die cutting equipment with advanced servo technology, closed-loop registration and in-line vision inspections to convert this 3M microfluidic material. These converting presses operate in class 7 clean rooms, ensuring the highest quality parts for medical device customers. 

If you have an idea for a new part but do not know where to begin, contact ATL and we will help you figure out what materials suit your part based on its intended purpose.