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ATL Security Labels

Customized Security Labels, Anti- Counterfeiting Solutions

Are you using the most advanced “anti-counterfeiting packaging” available?

Companies that do are a step ahead in protecting themselves against the dangers of counterfeiting and its potential liabilities. In actual cases, the use of “anti-counterfeiting packaging” has proven to be a key defense for drug companies in successfully opposing class action litigation involving counterfeiting.


Security Label Systems

The Latest Solutions in Track and Trace Technology.

Counterfeiters evaluate the best way to divert, dilute, or completely repackage your brand with cheap or dangerous imitations. Protect yourself, your brand integrity, and your customers with security labels and packaging.

ATL Security Label Systems can offer you the latest solutions in track and trace technology. Choose from a broad selection of overt and covert label features including invisible forensic taggents, holograms, color-shifting inks, and tamper-indicating materials. Mass serialization capabilities (2-D barcodes and custom codes) assist in supply chain management. ATL's "mix and rotate" approach combines multiple technologies in one label, changing with each production run.

Confidential engineering services, auditing, and field verifications are also available.













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Audits at ATL
Audits at ATL

Audits at ATL are taken very seriously in order to assure product quality. Learn more.

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