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Medical Device Labels

For more than 30 years, ATL has followed exact specifications from our customer’s disposable device drawings and all required regulatory requirements.  As a long time label printer, it was a natural fit for us to provide medical device label services following these same standards. 

When required, medical device labels manufactured at our facility have a systematic review before production. This includes APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning),as well as ISO-14971 risk analysis for specifications, materials, tooling, control plans, performance qualifications, and batch inspection records.

Some medical device labelling capabilities include:

  • Medical Device Product and identification labels
  • Multiple Panel and Extended Content IFU labels
  • Small Diameter Vial and Tube labels
  • Assistance with Sterilization and Packaging Services
  • Security and Tamper Evident labels

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO-13485:2003 registered. ATL’s QMS has "Travelers" and "Hold Points" that assure line clearance, product integrity, and FDA cGMP compliance. Our QMS has successfully passed audits by some of the largest and most demanding medical and pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

ATL welcomes visitors to tour our facility and discuss their potential label needs. Contact us today to schedule a visit or to learn more about how our medical device labels can meet your requirements.

Disposable Eye Patches

ATL disposable eye patches and island placementATL worked closely with an ophthalmologist to design and manufacture a disposable eye patch for monocular acuity testing.  The disposable patch, made from 3M Micropore tape, has a non-adhesive pad island placed on the tape to avoid contact with the eye and eyelashes.  These patches are comfortable to wear and easily removed from skin. 

These disposable eye patches can be customized with your own color and design, or you may purchase the generic patch we stock for a lower cost alternative. 

For more information on these patches or to request samples, please contact us


Tamper Evident & Brand Authentication Labels

ATL's brand authentication and tamper evident labels provide assurance that your product or package has not been altered or tampered with.

ATL works closely with approved suppliers to provide you with the tamper evident features that best fit your desired level of security and package design. Some of these features include hidden messages and logos, multi-layered materials, color changes and destructible films. Each of these technologies can be used on their own or in combination with other security features.

Diversion and fake reproduction can happen in any industry, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Medical

Government documents and other high-value or luxury items are also frequent targets.

Take the extra step to protect your customer and your brand. Contact us now to begin the process.

Track & Trace Technologies

Many companies need to protect their brand and products from counterfeiting or diversion. Your distribution house or end user may need to verify the authentication and manufacturing information of your product when they receive it.

ATL has a selection of track andtrace technologies available including labels, serialization, 2D barcodes and overt and covert markings that can be added to your own labels or package design to assist with this verification. All discussions of product information remain confidential and all printed product is secured in a locked and controlled location.

Take the extra step to protect your customer and your brand. Contact us now to begin the process.

Product & Document Authentication Markers

ATL partners with leading creators and manufacturers of cutting-edge authentication technology to provide our customers labels enhanced with authentication markers that:

  • Protect documents and packaging from being counterfeited
  • Verify that your products are genuine
  • Can't be forged or reproduced

In fact, ATL is a strategic partner in supplying document and product authentication labels using several security, mass serialization, and authentication technologies developed by DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.), a Rochester, NY-based leader in protection and verification. ATL will design and manufacture anti-counterfeiting and brand-security labels and packaging based on DSS's AuthentiGuard® suite of technologies.

If you need labels with intrinsic anti-forging and anti-piracy technology, you want labels from ATL. Contact an ATL representative today for details on our product and document authentication markers.

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